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STEM Sit Downs

This innovative new project features students interviewing influential Boeing professionals from diverse backgrounds about their lives and careers in STEM. Each employee represents a different volunteer, employee-led, association designed to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the company.

Changemakers in STEM

Take students on a virtual journey with Boeing to explore world-altering innovations created by Changemakers in STEM. This hands-on digital interactive allows students to step inside pivotal moments in the lives of these innovators throughout history.


Discover the special piece of technology powering everything from the International Space Station to satellites that enable mobile phones, internet and weather forecasting here on Earth. Visit Boeing’s state-of-the-art Spectrolab where high-efficiency solar cells are created to support life on Earth and human exploration of space. Explore the history of satellites and find out how Spectrolab employees simulate the sun!

Virtual Field Trip: Live Now!

Immerse your students in a dynamic virtual experience that offers an exciting view into Boeing's manufacturing centers, bringing aerospace innovation to life. Standards-aligned companion activities encourage deeper student exploration into key themes including sustainable flight and aviation designs.

Manufacturing the Future of Aviation

Manufacturing the Future of Aviation 

Discover the ways that cutting-edge technologies are being used by Boeing to redefine the possibilities of aviation manufacturing. Take students on a tour of three incredible manufacturing centers around the country to learn how mechatronics, robotics, and ergonomics are driving innovation in aviation. Along the way, students will meet a variety of diverse STEM professionals who harness groundbreaking technology throughout the manufacturing process. 

Virtual Experiences

Explore aerospace technology with virtual field trips to exclusive locations and interactive videos that transport your students to new terrain. Extend the experience with hands-on, standards-aligned activities.

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FUTURE U. provides educators with the tools they need to inspire their students to use creativity, collaboration, persistence and problem-solving to change the world. Geared towards students in grades 6–12, FUTURE U. uses hands-on, experiential learning to ignite excitement and inspire them to become tomorrow's innovators.