Immerse students in the limitless possibilities of STEM innovation with these one-of-a-kind virtual explorations. Students will meet professional innovators and changemakers as they are transported to amazing locations around the Earth, deep in the ocean, way up at high altitudes and beyond into space.

Virtual Field Trips

Bring the real world into the classroom by taking students on a journey to places outside their city, country, even planet. These behind-the-scenes videos transport students to places where innovation meets creativity and shows there is no one path toward success in a STEM career. Explore the latest engineering, technology, and manufacturing at Boeing with these Virtual Field Trips.

360° Videos

Imagine what is possible when hands-on learning meets 21st-century immersive technology. The following 360° extended reality experiences allow students to imagine themselves in places like Mars and to see how science, technology, engineering, and math is allowing humans to explore, learn, and create in ways we never have before. Download the companion activities and educator guide for specific ways you can integrate these experiences in your classroom today.

STEM Sit Downs

In this new series of career profiles, middle and high-school students interview influential Boeing employees about his/her work, educational pathway, and career in STEM. Students will be introduced to a few of the amazing people and exciting careers at Boeing, as well as the various resource groups and initiatives that represent diversity and inclusion among its employees.

Video Topic Series

This five-part video series, Flight Path, highlights diverse, highly skilled Boeing employees harnessing their collective passions and acumen to develop the greatest aircraft in the world. Each episode underlines a specific phase of Boeing's process: concepting, fabrication and manufacturing, testing and analysis, manufacturing and delivery, and daily service.

Virtual Site Tours

See innovation in action at the world’s leading aerospace company with a series of Virtual Site Tours hosted by Boeing. Students will be transported around the country to visit unique Boeing facilities, where they’ll learn more about the people and products leading the way to the future of air travel. Each video is paired with a companion activity that incorporates project-based learning, student collaboration, and hands-on STEM problem-solving. 

Experiential Videos

Witness the expansive wonder of space, the environment, and aviation with Boeing — the leader in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Watch how Boeing brings space closer to Earth than ever before, and transformative efforts in testing innovating technologies to help create not only a more cleaner aviation fuel, but a more sustainable earth, and changing the future of space exploration.