Interaction with professionals like you is one of the most powerful tools to inspire youth to pursue STEM careers. FUTURE U. connects Boeing employees with classrooms so students can learn firsthand how STEM can apply to their present and their future. Use our step-by-step employee guide and ready-to-go STEM activities to get started today.


Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
STEM Topics: Earth Science, Technology, Engineering

Celestial Discoveries

45–60 minutes

Lead students in learning about and listing celestial traits. Students will take on the role of a particular Boeing career and consider how their position could be impacted by the discovery of the new celestial body. Each student will then explore how various Boeing professionals would be involved.

Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
STEM Topics: Science, Technology

Citizen Astronaut

45–60 minutes

Introduce students to the role of "citizen scientists" and how they can contribute to real-life research. Present a few of NASA's citizen science projects as examples from which students can plan their first steps as citizen scientists.

Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
STEM Topics: Science, Technology, Expressions & Equations

Moon Tourism

45–60 minutes

Students will calculate how long a trip around the Moon and back to Earth would take. Then they will contemplate the potential Moon tourism and design a marketing campaign to interest American tourists in taking one of the first trips around the Moon!


Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
STEM Topics: Engineering, Science, Forces and Motion

Buoyancy Exploration

45-60 minutes

Students will pretend to join an internship where they will have the chance to investigate the principles of density and buoyancy as they may apply to deep ocean research vehicles. 

Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
STEM Topics: Engineering, Material Testing, Science, Properties of Matter

Corrosion Report

45-60 minutes

Students will work as recruited employees of Boeing to help expand their knowledge of ocean vessels. Boeing needs their help and insight on the optimal ship construction materials that should be used to avoid corrosion.

Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
STEM Topics: Engineering, Material Testing, Prototype

Waterproof Transport

45-60 minutes

By investigating how the use of technology connects scientists, engineers and citizens across the country, students will explore the term “citizen scientist,” and learn how about a variety of important ways they, as students, can tribute to the world of science.


Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
Science, Technology

Flying Paper

20-30 minutes

Create real paper airplanes designed by Boeing engineers. Using the materials below, you will create a well-designed paper airplane unlike you've ever made before. Watch how fast it flies! 

Ready-To-Go STEM Activities
Science, Technology

Drone Activity

45-60 minutes

Through various activities, students will learn the magic of drones— from the different use cases to how they fly without a pilot. There are two activities are included in the guide for students to investigate flight while being the one working directly with the drone.

Employee Guide

Prepare for your visit to the classroom with tips, strategies, and other tools. Use these standards-aligned activities to demonstrate how innovations in aerospace can be used to answer authentic questions and solve real-world problems.

  • Each activity is intended for use in classroom sessions that are approximately 45 minutes in length.
  • Activities are written to facilitate instruction of up to 40 students, but can be easily led in smaller groups.
  • All activities correspond to multiple STEM subjects and may be used within these classes accordingly.
  • While the activities are geared for middle school students, they can be aged up or down based on the open-ended nature of the topics.
  • Each activity includes an overview, guiding question, student outcomes, materials, procedure, and capture sheets.

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Boeing-Inspired Design Challenge Kits

Each one of the Boeing-Inspired Design Challenge kits on this site was designed by a team of Boeing employees and connects to real-world problems our team solves every day.

There are several Boeing-Inspired Design Challenge activities and each one is an open-ended challenge giving students of all ages the opportunity to design their own unique prototype that solves the challenge.