Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators

Use virtual experiences and hands-on, standards-aligned STEM lessons to guide students as they explore key concepts in aerospace and engineering. Aligned standards include the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS: Math), and Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (CCSS: ELA).

Lesson Plan
Science, Technology

Deep Space Gateway

Grades 6-8
Three 45-60-minute class periods

As "planetary research scientists" with NASA'sSolar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), your students will research and analyze potential solutions to establishing a lunar base. Then they will write about their best solution for getting a base on the Moon.

Lesson Plan
Science, Technology

Long-Endurance Space Flight

Grades 6-8
Three 45- to 60-minute class periods

As "in-training members of NASA's mission control staff", your students will explore scale, proportion, time, and distance to understand potential problems of long-endurance space flights. They will also research the effects on astronauts and communications. Then they will write a statement on how NASA should address the challenges.


Discovery STEM

Boeing and Discovery Education have teamed up to provide STEM Connect to select schools nationwide, promoting the critical connection between STEM learning and aerospace careers. See how you can use STEM Connect to augment your core curriculum with hands-on challenges that apply STEM thinking to real-world scenarios.

Virtual Field Trip

Join Boeing and Discovery Education on a mission to inspire the world through aerospace innovation with an exclusive virtual field trip to historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. This behind-the-scenes tour will introduce students to just a few of the amazing Boeing employees who are writing the next chapter of space history.

Boeing Community Engagement

Boeing strongly believes in the power of education and has a history of investing in education. In addition, to FUTURE U., Boeing is supporting other education efforts to impact children and youth.

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Curiosity Machine

Find over 20 hands-on design challenges inspired by Boeing where students turn low-cost household materials into innovative engineering solutions.

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Teaching Channel

Join this online community to explore 10 science units for grades 4–8 created by teachers and Boeing engineers and informed by globally competitive education standards.

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PBS LearningMedia

Through this collection of digital K-12 classroom resources, students can learn about aerospace innovation and STEM careers directly from Boeing engineers.


Above and Beyond

Explore this traveling aerospace exhibition where you can virtually test your own supersonic jet, pilot a drone into the eye of a hurricane, and take an elevator ride to the edge of space.